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“Learnt, inspired, heartfelt. This is a charming and nicely written philosophical collection.”        Lulu Enterprises, Inc (USA).

THINKING OUT LOUD is a poignant collection of articles reflecting universal themes we think about, but seldom voice – such as love, trust, friendship, heartbreak, navigating careers, tributes to family and celebrating milestones.

The 4th chapter reminds us of holiday memories and charts progress for a brand new year with the lessons of the previous ones. Purchase your copy today on Amazon!

Michelle Gordon gave Thinking out Loud 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon 2012

“This short collection reflects the lives of individuals and how common traits are shared amongst strangers from various backgrounds. It provides thoughts that many of us have daily, but may have repressed emotions and fearful to say what needs to be said to one another.

The concept is beautifully put and touches on life’s bountiful choices that as adolescents we may ignore and as adulthood approaches, we scramble to organize realizing time is passing quickly. The book describes special moments we share with family, friends and loved ones close to our hearts as it explains the value of time and why waiting may have consequences.

The author describes her journey of life eloquently, sharing great memories with friends and how her father and mother’s love was always unconditional when she needed a laugh or a shoulder, regardless of circumstance – no critique. Their encouragement her inspiration. I’d say these articles touched me dearly and encouraged me to reflect on my own life’s journey, hidden fears of what is to come and heal what has passed.

I’d recommend this collection to anyone wanting inspiration and a smile!”

Download your FREE SAMPLE ON TRUST from Chapter 2: Career & Passion & listen to a clip from Chapter 3: Family & Relationships. Purchase the entire collection as a gift via Amazon or RIK Bookstores (Trinidad)!

“Many of us take the past along wherever we go, much like a security blanket to keep us warm and safe. We don’t want to let go, but the truth is: we don’t need it where we are going.” – Chapter 5: The Cold Harsh Truths


How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours takes a look inside the mind of a writer who for many years was trapped in a rigid corporate world where she’d lost her passion for her first love – writing, which gradually eroded her zeal for life.

Within these 12 chapters, Carolyn bares her soul retelling the familiar story over a 6-year period that many are reluctant to share – including tough issues we will all have to come to terms with, like the reversal of health of a parent who was her rock and catalyst for writing books.

A book of hope and perfect complement to Thinking out Loud – both titles attempt to emotionally prepare readers to embrace their role in life since the world wouldn’t be the same without our unique individual and collective expression.


Karisa Krystal gave How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours 5 out 5 stars on Amazon 2017

“This book was an amazing read. The author, Carolyn writes in such a way, it is as if, one is having a conversation with a best friend or listening to the advice of a big sister. Her writing is both with intent but also effortless and accommodating as she captures the journey of finding one’s worth and introspection.

She not only opens up to the reader but encourages the reader to begin to question their own choices, understandings, insecurities and worries while showing how to learn from them and grow from within, with grace and gratitude.

When you start reading this it will be difficult to put down! It is more than simply a memoir but it is a guide on dealing with the loss of a loved one, failure, facing fears and unexpected circumstances and through it all finding your purpose and moving forward towards being happy and unlocking your own joy in life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs clarity as to why life is the way it is sometimes and how we can accept our fate but also inform and change our perspective.”

There are goals for a 2nd edition charting the trajectory towards self-actualization, personal and financial freedom.

Carolyn brings to life these themes via her Arts & Entertainment Events. Join her mailing list here!

“Lyn Correia is an amazing, witty and charming author. Her writing style is simple and easy to follow. Her books are not overdramatized, they are lively.” – Amazon Reader Dai gives She Missed the Boat on Love 5 out of 5 stars

SHE MISSED THE BOAT ON LOVE is a bunch of hella funny rhymes, yet very real universal experiences of pain that transcends cultures, genders and age groups. The intention – to heal hearts, gain a better understanding/appreciation of oneself, past relationships, build trust so as to find true love – or as close to it as possible.

Highly recommended for single, married and cohabiting couples.

Believe it or not, healing our hearts to find success in our romantic lives impacts how well we can find and fully LIVE our True Life Purpose with Passion. By immersing ourselves in our past hurts, we discover what & who rings true for us.

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Maria gave She Missed the Boat on Love 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon 2016.

“Carolyn is a true romantic so this is depicted in her cluster of poems. Some make you teary eyed, others take you down memory lane to provide some heart-to-heart which is good from time to time. You tend to remember growing up days.”

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