Book Launch Dec-2011 Flagstaff Hill, Trinidad.

Thinking out Loud is Trinidadian born author Carolyn Correia’s first self-published book which as its name suggests, brings to life what we often think about, but seldom make vocal.  

The title was chosen by a co-worker in 2011 as the collection’s impact opens our eyes to a creative expression of life’s perspectives that inspires you to reflect and appreciate your journey it in all its shades and colours for the magnificent creation that it is!

Fused with a realism that’s true to the core; while reading you’ll (re)-discover a fresh and bold outlook to issues you once took for granted or thought no one else understood. The volume allows us to focus on the people and things that really matter, while reflecting on our universal experiences in this dance of life.

Book Club, NALIS, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad May-2016

The author often closes her events with this here quote that captures her reason for being: “Life is a marvelous adventure. Hold on tight to the handlebars with all you have and enjoy the ride, for it is only once we pass this way.

Live to leave a mark on the world, so that people would remember you for the good you brought to the world and to their life, even if it was only for a brief moment. For it is then that you will know that you have truly lived.”

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Michelle Gordon gave Thinking out Loud 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon Apr. 20, 2012

“This short collection reflects the lives of individuals and how common traits are shared amongst strangers from various backgrounds. It provides thoughts that many of us have daily, but are too afraid or have repressed emotions so we stray from what needs to be said to another.

The concept is beautifully put and touches on life’s bountiful choices where we as adolescents ignore and as we approach the mark of adulthood scramble to organize; realizing the time is passing quickly. The book describes special moments in life that we share with family members, friends and loved ones close to our heart as it explains the value of time and why waiting may have consequences.

The author described her journey of life eloquently. She exposed her memories of great times with friends, she expressed how her father and mother’s love was always unconditional and when she needed a laugh or a shoulder, they were there regardless of the circumstance no critique. The encouragement was her inspiration.

To close, I’d have to say these articles touched me dearly. It encouraged me to reflect on my own life’s journey and my hidden fears of what is to come and what has passed me by and I would recommend this short novel to anyone wanting inspiration and a smile!”

How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours takes a look inside the mind of a writer who for many years was trapped in a world where she had lost her voice and passion for writing that gradually eroded her exuberance for life. 
Like many of us, the author searched relentlessly for her ideal career, only with short-lived moments of fulfillment and euphoria. 

Within these 12 chapters of her first memoir; Carolyn bares her soul as she struggled with navigating work, processing the fact that her parents were now aging before her eyes and keeping her dream alive while conforming to a world that wasn’t hers.
She retells the story over a 6-year period of how she overcame overwhelming feelings of crippling trepidation, doubt, disappointment and grief, finally leading to a path that she was meant to traverse to get to a life we all secretly and silently crave … 

Book Talk + Jazz Oct-16

For her it was to wake up most days with a spring in her step, a smile on her face and a boundless joy simply by making people happy and seeing their transformation and zeal to do and continue doing what they truly love.
This book is perfect for creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs, graduates, retirees, those transitioning careers or seeking a deeper more fulfilling and meaning life of purpose. 

It is a book of hope and a perfect complement to her first book (Thinking out Loud), which are both intended to prepare the reader to unleash their greatness, since the world wouldn’t be the same without our individual, unique and collective contribution and expression of our gifts.

“Many of us take the past with us wherever we go, much like a security blanket to keep us warm and safe. We don’t want to let go, but the truth is: we don’t need it where we are going.”

She Missed the Boat on Love is a bunch of hella funny rhymes, yet very real universal experiences of pain that transcends all genders and cultures.

The intention is to heal hearts and provide a better understanding and appreciation to  find true love since ‘everybody hurts.’

Highly recommended for single, married and cohabiting couples.

Maria gave She Missed the Boat on Love 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Aug. 8, 2016

Suddenly It Happened is a guide book about coming to terms with life finding you at 40! The author places our thoughts into words to debunk myths we inherited from previous generations.

As we read the chapters, we are comforted and encouraged to unapologetically reboot as often as life requires, so we can take charge and conquer life – no matter our age, gender or station.

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