Thinking Out Loud

Thinking out Loud expresses what we often think about but seldom make vocal. It allows us to focus on the things that really matter while reflecting on some of our past experiences. All aspects of life are encompassed in this collection of inspirational articles with a realism that is true to the core.

After reading it you will discover a fresh and bold outlook to issues in your life that you once took for granted or thought no one else understood. This collection opens your eyes to a new perspective and makes you appreciate life for the magnificent creation that it is!

This collection is ideal for persons who are seeking a deeper meaning to life and are interested in discovering their true purpose self actualization and healing.

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How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours

How to Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours explores the journey of a writer who finds her voice and purpose amidst uncertainty and disappointment. The author traverses time and space in this memoir, using vignettes from her life to illustrate how her faith and commitment to her goals allowed her to realise her ambitions.

It’s a story that many of us carry deep inside, however not always expressed. She vividly describes how she honed her talents and character as she searched for the right career, overcoming self-doubt and fear.

Her journey took her to Tobago where she felt an awakening of her purpose. Suddenly all the pieces of her life fell into place and she later returned home to follow her dream and be closer to her inspiration at this time – her father.

This book is ideal for persons seeking their purpose, artistes, those transitioning careers or embarking on entrepreneurship.

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She Missed The Boat On Love.

Introducing a distinctive poetry collection – she missed the boat on love. Debuted on the Amazon Best seller’s list on the Kindle store at #67 in the category of love poetry.

It’s a short and heartfelt read for that part of ourselves we have long buried deep inside. Makes a great gift to yourself or someone you love for the catharsis and healing needed to completely let go and move on (although you think you may have).

She missed the boat on love is so REAL, that no matter what stage you are at in life – married, single or dating, the author seems to get inside your head and heart as you may find yourself nodding, even laughing or teary eyed at times as you reflect on the great loves, or not so great loves of your life.

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