What & Who WE SERVE!

Niche content to highlight the benefit to your true customers

Features, company profiles, bios (photos optional)

E-mails, websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, calendars, flyers

Scripts – documentaries, promo videos, radio shows, speeches (conditions apply)

Powerpoint presentations (minus charts + graphs)

Down-to-earth practical workshops & presentations!

Workshops – How to Find Lasting Joy, Building Team Communication, A guide to Self-publishing, How to Find the Nexus to Your True Life Purpose

Retreats – Charting Your Destiny (Level 1-3 options), Manifesting Your Dreams (5 days overnight)

1-2-1 Meet-the-author (Q&A) coffee shop sessions – 45, 60, 90 minute sessions

Voice-overs – Infomercials, Documentaries, Videos, Audiobooks, Podcasts

Radio shows – Guest appearances/Series on finding your life purpose, Rekindling your mojo/motivation/passion & purpose

Charting Your Destiny Launch: March 2014 Venue: Daniell Institute of Learning

Career Coaching to extract your life purpose & reason for being

A. New grads, Entry-level recruits, Mid-level professionals [Unfulfilled/Undecided]

Is this YOU: I studied this major at school for various reasons and now I’m stuck in a mundane job (or environment) that does not exactly fit my true talents and skills. Where do I go from here? Hang on to what I have and collect a salary to pay my (very necessary) bills and maintain my (comfortable) lifestyle? Take a risk and JUMP? How do I weigh the odds? How do I transition and find the opportunities that are right for me at this point in time? 

Take this short quiz to find out if this describes how you feel and let’s help you transition what’s in your heart to your head, so we can make your goals a work-in-progress-reality, unearth what’s trapped inside and allow yourself to be naturally led to the right decisions and situations for YOU. Let’s have a chat to find out if this programme is the one for YOU.

Once we sign you up, each session lasts 45-90 mins and delivered via Skype. Cost per session is TT250/US40/£30. Or pay just TT1,200/US200/£140 to cover the 4 steps over 6 action-packed sessions (you can call it therapy for your career!). 

Flashback October 2016

These melt-your-heart experiences when customers and even acquaintances or colleagues with shared backgrounds and experiences become genuine allies and share stuff like THIS with the ability to interpret the silences and [un]spoken truths without judgement and appreciate you for who you are, where you are and what your calling has doneThose people are hard to find. They.are.your. soul tribe!

Flashforward to Sep 2018 – 3 A&E Events, 3 workshops & Career Coaching later! (Aww right? Bring out the tissues. Seriously!)

“You’re welcome Carolyn. Thank you as well for helping me to harness my talents. I will miss you as well. I have made a lot of progress in learning more about myself and my talents in no small part to you.” – Keegan St Martin|Network Administrator & Foreign language teacher

B. Transition-ers: Mid-career professionals & up, (pre)-retirees, stay-at-home moms [Plateaued/Unfulfilled] 

Does your heart say THIS to you?! I found my niche at this job/career, but my enthusiasm is slowly waning as the years creep on. I’ve gotten acclimatized (to the location, people, culture) and promoted a bit which paved the way for bigger opportunities and an enhanced quality of life, but I don’t think there’s any great thrill or novelty or room for growth anymore.

I do have larger life goals and more than ANY-thing I want to find ways to want to JUMP out of bed again and do something uber meaningful with my life to kickstart that natural internal fire to magnify my joy + fulfillment. 

Take this short quiz to find out if this describes how you feel so you can make that mental transition to clear the ‘debris’ and heal the past (or present) to manifest opportunities to get me to the NEXT level. 

Let’s have a chat to find out if this programme is the one for YOUOnce we sign you up, each session lasts 45-90 mins and delivered via Skype. 

Cost per session is TT350/US50/£40 or pay just TT1,600/US245/£190 to cover the 5 steps over 6 action packed sessions