What & Who WE SERVE!

Writing: concept + content creation

Websites, blogs

Features, company profiles, bios (photos optional)

Scripts – documentaries, promo videos, radio shows

Speeches (conditions apply)

Newsletters, Emails, brochures, calendars, flyers

Powerpoint presentations (minus charts + graphs)

Speaking (book signing optional)

Guest speaker – universities, companies, book clubs, parties/socials, launches

Workshops – self-actualization, finding your purpose, finding lasting joy, self-publishing, writing engaging copy, building team communication

Retreats – Charting Your Destiny (Level 1-3 options), Manifesting Your Dreams (5 days overnight)

1-1 Meet-the-author (Q&A) coffee shop sessions – 45, 60, 90 minute sessions

Voice-overs – infomercials, documentaries, videos, audio books, podcasts

Radio shows – guest appearances/series on finding your life purpose, rekindling mojo/motivation/passion

Charting Your Destiny Launch: March 2014 Venue: Daniell Institute of Learning







Career Guide/Coaching (aka purpose extractor!)

A. Rookies [Unfulfilled/Undecided]: Grads/professionals is this YOU Thinking out Loud!?)

1.Okay! So I chose this major, minor + electives (based on subjects I chose at school, or what my family wanted so I can enjoy a customary ‘good life’. Or for them to live vicariously through me! Truth?

Now what? Where do I go next with these credentials that sound/look lofty, but don’t connect to my true love + talents + purpose in this world? Though initially excited and learnt a lot, it’s been a while and I can’t seem to land a job I can call a career and loVe waking up to every day 🙁

2. I (finally) landed a great job! *Hurray!* The pay’s not too bad and I feel it can only get better. 

I can now buy those nifty things and go to those oh-so-cool places and do those fun things I alwayys wanted to do (kinda because it looks cool when everyone else does it at the movies and on social media!). 

And re-pay my parents/school loan (!) and treat them to something nice for their toil to get me to this place. I can even invest a portion of my salary into worthwhile personal projects. I could get used to this life!

3. This job sure makes my family, peers and even (potential) significant other happy, but I still feel empty inside 🙁 3/5 times of the work week, I feel unfulfilled as my natural abilities can’t seem to find a consistently meaningful outlet for release.

THESIS! To be totally honest I even feel angry at times since this environment, my colleagues, these hours and ‘rules’ aka policies are not aligned or conducive to MY values, bigger goals, purpose, family life, deeper joy, or mind + body + spirit equilibrium (aka sanity!)

I really don’t know how to process what’s going on and transition from my head to my heart to reality and make the right decisions for MEIf this sounds like YOUR LIFE, it’s time for US to have a heart-to-heart and decide if this Career Coaching is the ONE for YOU.

Once you commit to going all the way in writing, each session lasts 45-90 mins (depending on your needs) and will be delivered via Skype and specially requested in-person sessions for which conditions apply.

If this sounds like you, let’s schedule a chat to find out if this programme is for YOU. Cost per session is TTD250/USD40/£30. Or you can pay just TTD1,200/USD200/£140 to cover the 4 steps over 6 in-depth, action packed sessions

Flashback October 2016

These melt-your-heart experiences when customers and even acquaintances/colleagues become true friends and share stuff like this! I like to call them ‘bonafides’ who interpret the silences and [un]spoken truths without judgement and appreciate you for who you are, where you are and what your calling has doneThose people are hard to find and they. are. your. soul tribe!

Finally obeying le call, I’ve learnt so much more about myself in the process viz. where my strengths lie and how I really impact people on a deeper level without even knowing, or trying to impress. I am still in awe.

Flashforward September 2018 (Aww right? Bring out the tissues. Seriously. Please!)

“You’re welcome Carolyn. Thank you as well for helping me to harness my talents. I will miss you as well. I have made a lot of progress in learning more about myself and my talents in no small part to you.” – Keegan St Martin|Network Administrator & Foreign language teacher

B. Transition-ers [Plateaued/Unfulfilled] 

Mid-career professionals, (pre)-retirees, stay-at-home moms: Does YOUR heart say THIS?!

1. I like this job. I’ve gotten a few promotions that paved the way for bigger opportunities.

I’ve been doing it for a while and I feel as though I’ve plateaued and my work routine becoming monotonous and dull (ssdd!).

2. Sure there are aspects I don’t like, but some good I can build on. Mainly I trudge thru til ‘better‘ comes (preferably paying more $$) since I have a mortgage, car loan, my kids’ fees and significant other to consider!

I also have larger life goals like travel, a side-business and enjoying the finer things in life! I’m caught between a rock, a hard place and an intermittent (but very large) mountain of confusion. 

Eeek! How do I make that mental transition to clear the ‘debris’ and heal the past (or present) to manifest opportunities to get me to the NEXT level?

3. My kids are (almost) grown and I’ve sacrificed a career (I loved) to give my family a better life. After I’ve taken care of everyone (but myself), I find myself an empty-nester/suddenly single (due to a painful divorce or my spouse’s death) with a gaping void.

I really wanna find ways to want to JUMP out of bed again. Though hard to admit, these experiences have left me broken with my confidence deflated. 

There’s lotsa pastimes I enjoy like craft, music, pet care, gardening, entertaining, volunteerism. While a bunch of people say I’m good at it, I am not sure where to begin or how to continue the momentum.

THESIS! What I want more than ANY-thing is to do something uber meaningful with my life and kick start that natural internal fire to magnify my joy + fulfillment

If any of this sounds like you, let’s schedule a chat to find out if this programme is for YOU. Cost per session is TTD350/USD50/£40. Or you can pay just TTD1,600/USD245/£190 to cover the 5 steps over 6 in-depth, action packed sessions