What we do

Is there a secret formula to writing?

I’d say it depends on the audience you are writing for and their personal preference based on where they’ve been in life that informs their viewpoint or sensitivity on subject matters. If you’re interested in the formula I’ve developed, you can download your complimentary copy of 5 STEPS TO ENGAGING YOUR READERS!

Writing Services

  • Content writing – websites, newsletters, company profiles, bios calendars, hotel & restaurant reviews.
  • Columns, lifestyle & motivational pieces
  • Public information articles, features, blogs
  • Scripts – radio, documentary, podcast
  • Ghostwriting – articles, blogs
  • PowerPoint presentations (minus charts + graphs)
  • Keepsakes like this one for loyal customers/special events and yours for free just for visiting this site! Download HERE.

Interactive workshops & presentations!

  •  3 Ways to Lasting Joy (intrinsic vs extrinsic catalysts) – 30- 45 mins
  • Building Team Communication – 3.5 hours
  • Find the Nexus to Your True Life Purpose – 4 hours
  • 1-2-1 Meet-the-Author (Q&A) sessions – 45, 60, 90 minutes

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1) Charting Your Destiny Level I – III (based on first book Thinking out Loud

2) Perfecting Your Passion – Holistic 5-Day Overnight Retreat on Making your Passion work in a Changing Economic Landscape.

A&E Musiq Events

Bi-annual themed events related to unearthing your true life purpose featuring musicians, authors, writers, poets. Optional pop-up shopping, book signing & networking.

Career Guidance

Meet Keegan. A Network Administrator by profession who attended the very first A&E Musiq Fest (formerly Book Talk & Jazz) in April 2016 and never missed an event or workshop since! He spoke at October’s event of that same year and was an instant hit. Here’s what he had to say.


When I decided to follow the advice of my customers to offer Career Guidance, I offered Keegan the package as a special thank you for his loyal patronage and feedback as he was about to embark on his next career move. Here’s what he shared in May 2018 before taking up a job in Europe as a Foreign Language Teacher.

“Thank you as well for helping me to harness my talents Carolyn! I have made a lot of progress in learning more about myself and my talents in no small part to you.” 

Option A. New grads/Entry-Mid-level professionals 

Does this sound like You?

I specialized in this area of study and unexpectedly got boxed into a mundane job (or environment) that doesn’t exactly fit my true talents & skills. Where do I go from here? How do I clear the ’emotional clutter’ from past jobs (or interviews) that may be preventing my transition to the next level of my career & life? 

Let’s have a chat to find out if this program is for YOU! Sessions last 45-90 mins & delivered via Skype. Cost per session: TT250/US40/£30. Or pay only TT1,200/US200/£140 to cover 4 steps over 6 action-packed sessions (call it career therapy!). 

Option B. Transition-ers: Mid-career professionals upwards, (pre)-retirees, Empty-nesters, stay-at-home moms. 

Does your heart say THIS to you?!“I found my niche at this job/career, but my enthusiasm wanes as the years creep on. I’ve gotten comfortable (with the location, people & culture), but I think the thrill and room for growth has also waned.”

What I really want:“I have bigger life goals and more than anything want to find ways to JUMP out of bed and do something meaningful to kickstart that internal fire. Not only on some days, but EVERYDAY for the rest of my life!”

Let’s have a chat to find out if this program is for YOU. Sessions last 45-90 minutes. Cost per session is TT350/US50/£40 or pay only TT1,600/US245/£190 for 5 modules over 6 action-packed sessions

Your future awaits!