HIC Omega Consulting

HIC Omega Consulting is the evolution of years of unbridled passion for words and self-expression finally formalized in February 2014. 

Years of dedication in corporate communications, human resources, media and public relations provided the catalyst for the founder to apply her talents in a niche where she could portray a well-balanced and positive image of her clients and the person behind the business or skills that were making their customers happy for years mainly under the radar.  

She specializes in content in the form of articles, scripts, guided interactive workshops and arts & entertainment events to bring her books to life. It is a way of life she has carved around her long-term goals versus doing all aspects of a mechanical, regimented job description of someone else’s brand.

What makes HIC Omega unique is the ability to customize the experience for each customer and provide that additional emotional connection that can make all the difference to someone where they are currently: career-wise, financially or emotionally.

One such way is via her blogs which she began in 2008 as a way of building a connection with customers, fellow writers and readers as far as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Orient, Kenya, Suriname & more. The feedback received also helps to diversify or improve her offerings to better serve people as they evolve through their career and life cycles.

According to her, the greatest gift is making a difference in the lives of others and touching hearts in a genuine way. Her motto rings true: Where creativity surpasses expectations.’

The name HIC Omega Consulting was chosen to carve a legacy in honour of her parents. The letters are an acronym for their names:

H – ubert (her father – the catalyst and driving force for becoming an author & creative thinker – now deceased)

I – rene (her mother – the pillar of the family)

C – arolyn/Correia (her name/family name)

Omega – represents her positioning in the family. She is the last of 5 children. The Biblical reference to Alpha & Omega signifies ‘The Beginning and the End.’

Consulting – the umbrella encompassing all the elements of her brand (writing, speaking & career guidance) and industry experience.

Some of the services provided are:

  • Content writing – websites, newsletters, brochures, calendars etc
  • Scriptwriting – documentaries, short videos
  • Ghostwriting – articles, blogs
  • Public information articles, features, columns, reviews, blogs
  • Speaking engagements – workshops, self-actualization, finding joy
  • Team building events – Birthday Club, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
  • Career Coaching – one-on-one Skype sessions
  • Small Corporate or Private Events – Book Launches, Birthday Club Team Building, Christmas Gift Exchanges, Mother’s & Father’s Day.


“We help you to help yourself envision, create and transform your life into a fulfilling masterpiece as you reach your zenith, increase your visibility and make each moment count!” 

HIC OMEGA CONSULTING – ‘Where creativity surpasses expectations.’