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Would you like to have your story told?

Do you have a business or project you’d like the ‘world’ to know about?

If you’re afraid (or too humble) to shout from the rooftops that you love your job (or would like to eventually break free from the routine and live your true life purpose), let us bring to life your story like only we can. But without the superfluous bells & whistles of a typical public relations campaign.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should give us that honour to help you (further) define your niche and carve your place in history:

  1. For your loved to have a written legacy to remember you by and immortalized in time (in case life causes you to forget). You can think of it as your very own mini-autobiography 🙂
  2. To do work you truly love where infinite amounts of time go by and you seldom get weary since you know in your core that one day it totally support the goals you have for your life. Once you make the time to periodically define what you wish to accomplish and the progress you’ve made to drive you forward with innovative current trends for living in a modern age.
  3. To empower others who share a common vision, background and ethos to create a ‘support work’ of like-minds (Economies of Scale) since small businesses comprise) a large portion of the global income and workforce and one day turn into larger businesses.

At HIC Omega Consulting we’ve been lucky to have the best of both worlds – working at an 8-4 job for many years, then living our passion on our own terms. So we can tell you the contrasts are startling. The beginning may be rocky, but the evolution of progress unfolding before your eyes is PRICELESS. Let us help you see life from a different perspective and watch your vision come to life as you attract like-minds to make your journey getting there easier and smoother.

Check out our profiles below and feel free to contact us to have your story told. Then watch your dreams come to life!

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