photo credit – Carolyn K. Correia (c) 2015.

KEN-HONG MACK followed the beacon to his dream and founded Studioworks Limited in 2003 at an important crossroads in his life. Guided by his instincts and astute business acumen, he was able to attract all the right people and situations to his business at all the right times.

Ken-Hong prides himself as a self-made man and remembers the words of his father growing up, “whatever you are doing, do it to the best of your ability.” Ten years later, his company still stands strong and is the result of hard work, passion and commitment to those ideals.

With a combination of flawless customer service; the right team and the continuous practice of building meaningful relationships during and after each transaction, the name Studioworks Limited has remained on the lips of countless customers as a trademark for excellence and quality in all spheres of business.

He has photographed several local and regional personalities including business moguls, politicians, beauty queens, attorneys, entertainers, athletes and more.

Studioworks Limited is solution driven and its greatest assets are listening, empathy, emotional intelligence, patience and due diligence. These are the guiding principles of founder Ken-Hong Mack.


Imagine a single resource for all your branding needs … Imagine stepping into Studioworks Limited and having this wish come true.

Conveniently situated in the quiet town of Cascade, just on the outskirts of Port-of-Spain with lots of parking, is a production house that offers a plethora of services catering to your every occasion.

From weddings and portraits to corporate, commercial, industrial and aerial photography, Studioworks Limited has transitioned from the dark room to digital; still photography to videography and digital imaging services including banners, signage, creative, graphic designs, memorabilia and printing works.

With over 25 years experience in photographic and videographic services throughout Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and South America, Studioworks Limited the SW team captured their clients’ milestones from graduation, throughout their careers, to the boardroom and even political office.

On the interpersonal side, those memorable moments were captured and brought to life at their clients’ weddings, anniversaries, pregnancies and the birthday celebrations of their children and grandchildren. Now those memories lie immortalized in time.

photo credit – Carolyn K. Correia (c) 2015

At Studioworks Limited, every customer is king/queen and no job is ever too great or too small. From aerial photography in helicopters, to capturing your children’s first steps while riding at the back of a jeep, Studioworks Limited got you covered!

 One-stop shopping ensuring full service that meets your needs
 A memorable customer experience that is second to none
 Consistently warm and friendly staff where you always feel welcomed



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