Of the destinations I visited, Grenada was so nice I had to do it twice. It’s sorta slow like most tourist destinations if you are not acclimatized to island life, know someone who lives there, or don’t have loads of extra cash to have a frolicking good time for each day you spend on an island. But if you can save enough to do an island tour with a great tour guide, then why then golly, Miss Molly! You’re guaranteed to have some fun-tas-tic Kodak moments – depending on who accompanies you on your trip and if they like doing the same sorts of things.

Levera Beach

For me, I had sentimental value for visiting since my Mom is a native to the island and I’m the only sibling that didn’t get to experience it. I braved it (the plane ride) alone! Ha! Right? But I had good company both times I visited. I ran away from work for an Easter long weekend and by Tuesday morning, my co-workers back then were asking me all about my BlackBerry status updates. (Who says tour guide in the making?!)

It was fun and funny – those days of BlackBerry and full-time employment – when other social media was just catching on. My second trip was a bit more flexible but there was still limited time since my Dad was convalescing so I ran away for a few days for some of my best friends’ wedding! (Where is Marisa Tomei when you need her!? Remember that 90’s movie, but I digress).

2012 Trip. Day 1 – Glorious Saturday

I arrived at the Maurice Bishop Airport on the early flight and within 12 hours (and breakfast) I was rolling about on a maxi ride up a winding hill to do a hash (sorta like a hike) in the countryside where we met these cute kids (pictured here) along the way. Got back to the house at night time and literally went Bananas (which is the most amazing club and outdoor restaurant in True Blue) where we danced the night away until the wee morning hours! The Deejays reminded me so much of back home and for a good few minutes I forgot where I was (don’t worry it was all PG13).

Day 2 – Easter Sunday

I had to visit the church in the capital city of St. George’s that my mother grew up going to as a girl which was right next to her primary and secondary school, so in a few hours we made it just in time for mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. We got to the church late, but we asked Father for a special blessing and prayer after Easter Sunday mass. Phew! And I got a church newsletter souvenir to take back for my mother 😉

Calling home after Easter Sunday mass!

It so happened, Murphy’s Law kicked in and the wrong taxi showed up for us (and eventually ended up paying more), so this is me here on my phone killing time to call home and take these pictures in front of her Alma Mater – St. Joseph’s Convent, while we waited. I couldn’t resist, since I heard her tell the stories of those old Irish nuns back in the day.

How surreal it was to be standing on the same ground just a stone’s throw away from the house she grew up in where her family survived Hurricane Janet and where she spent her formative years, while hearing her voice on the other end of the line!  The people are all so friendly wherever you go on the island, so a nice lady chatted with us while we waited giving us the ins & outs of the cost of transportation.

Back at home, my cousin prepped and packed Sunday lunch with the most delicious fried grouper sandwiches and red velvet cake and off we went to Grand Anse Beach to spend the day – which within walking distance to where she was staying as a med student at the time.

We had a jolly good time walking around the craft market, taking pictures and bathing in that beautiful sky blue water – which was a stark contrast to our waters back home! As always when I lay on any beach chair in the sand, I wished I never had to go back to work! When we got home, I think I fell asleep in their hammock on the balcony as the sun went down.

Day 3 – Easter Monday – Island Tour!!!

The following day which was Easter Monday we all piled into a taxi driven by the friendliest driver on the island named Anthony and we did an island tour! So in another 24 hours we visited the Concord Falls, Leaper’s Hill, Levera Beach, Grand Etang Lake (which is said to be a bottomless lake), the rum factory, the chocolate factory. Anthony gave us the history behind each place and even took us to a fantastic lunch at a restaurant at Belmont estate near the cocoa estate.

That night we attended a concert at the Spice Basket located in the town of Beaulieu, St. George’s where Grenada’s soca artiste Tallpree and Trinidad & Tobago’s The Mighty Shadow as well as other guests performed.

We couldn’t resist sampling the most exotic local ice-cream where we met up with friends of the family who lived in the States. Walking around at night in that part of town, almost had a European feel, but maybe it was the concert and the feeling in the air. We made friends with a nice old lady who took pictures of us and even got a pic with The Mighty Shadow after the concert.

On the final night as a special thank you to my cuzzo for being such a good host and tour guide, we stopped by the grocery store to get the ingredients to cook a special Trinbagonian dish of brown rice, pigeon peas, chicken with pumpkin, coconut milk and chadon beni (cilantro). What we call pelau back home. 

I went home with a new affinity for the land of my mother’s birth, rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to go again to conquer the world! Muahahaha (joking).

2014 Trip

Two years later when I visited the island again for my friends’ wedding, I saw a totally different side of the spice isle and fell in love with the place all over again. Once more, Murphy’s Law kicked in and my phone sim card would not work. Neither would the new one I bought from the local phone company the driver took me to! The guest house I booked also turned out to be not quite what I expected, so I told my friend who was also there for the wedding what had happened. Without delay, she insisted that I stay with her and her friends at Grand Mal – right across the way to the beach! She cooked and just so happened to be a chef and nobody accepted any cash.

My luck!!! So of course, I had to leave my books and audiobook as gifts 🙂

And that’s why my Grenada trips will always be close to my heart!

Homeward Bound — Until next time Grenada, it’s been beauutifilled!