Oct-2016 Written by Carissa Daniel | Business Coach & Consultant

First published on The Caribbean Current

My experience started as soon as I contacted Carolyn about attending the event. Her excitement and heart was very evident as she shared more about the event and her passion to help others realize their purpose. 

I remember thinking that this was definitely an indicator of what the event would be like. 

A few years ago, I purchased Carolyn’s first book Thinking out Loud and was very much moved by her candidness expressed in the book about her journey of finding herself and her passion. This prior experience coupled with my intrigue, secured my spot for my first ever Book Talk & Jazz. Without hesitation; in my usual fashion of sharing with my friends and family, I immediately sent the flyer encouraging them to attend as well. 

As the day finally came; I honestly did not know what to expect, however, I decided to go with an open mind ready to receive. Upon entering the venue; I was extremely impressed by the beautiful ambiance of the backyard garden.

The stimulating music as it played softly in the background, the array of people seated awaiting the beginning of the show and the quiet buzz of excitement all greeted me as I entered. My inward smile then began showing outwardly as I knew it was definitely going to be an amazing evening.

Carolyn was simply awesome, she did an incredible job of bringing her books to life through the accounts she shared about her journey toward self-discovery and realizing her reason for being. It was truly an opportunity for me to take a deep look at my own journey and life to assess whether I was truly pursuing my dreams and passion.

From time to time, I casually looked over to my friends and family who were sitting closeby and witnessed how deeply introspective they were, absorbing Carolyn’s every word and what seemed to be a piercing into their lives as well. The mood of the evening was without a doubt positive, inspirational, motivational and encouraging.

This was further amplified by Patrice Inglesbirth’s jazz performances. In one word, phenomenal. Patrice’s singing was like that of the Greek Mythical Sirens: beautiful, alluring and angelic. Her singing seemed to touch every fibre of my being. Her self-composed rendition aptly captured the essence and theme of the evening and succinctly reinforced Carolyn’s objective.

As the evening came to an end, patrons felt liberated to get up and share their excitement with everyone. One by one, attendees went to the front expressing how much the Talk and Jazz inspired them to go out and pursue their passion and purpose.

Their excitement spilled over to the others, who from their facial expressions all seemed extremely happy and satisfied with the evening’s agenda.

We then had the opportunity to mingle ‘n mix; drink wine, enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the backyard garden, while being entertained by the DJ’s selection of some grown folks music.

Everyone I spoke with all shared the same sentiments of the impact of the evening. Some reported that they felt it was just what they needed at that very moment to help them move forward with their ideas, while others were motivated to continue pursuing their dreams and passion.

Book Talk & Jazz is an event that should be definitely calendared as a ‘must go’ for those of us who are seeking alternative mediums of inspiration, entertainment and socializing.

Without a doubt, I will be attending the next Book Talk & Jazz.

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Photo credit- IIEYE photography Neville B. Alexander 2016.