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Stay Fit with LEE!

SHERRY-ANN LEE is a certified fitness instructor with over two decades of experience coaching and training clients to achieve their fitness goals.

If you are lucky enough to meet her in person, you’ll be surprised that you just read 2+ decades! (Not to sound cliché, but simply because great things come in small packages and still waters run deep.)

Sherry is a tiny ball of FUN energy wrapped in a youthful package brimming with humility, grace and a wealth of wisdom (of course I may be a bit biased, since we’ve been friends since 2005 after having her as my trainer in 2004!).

Sherry (or Lee as she is endeared by her clients) uses a combination of cardio, free weights and fun ‘extras’ like kettle bells, steppers, resistance bands et cetera tailored to each client’s needs to empower a holistic sense of well-being and equilibrium.

Variety makes life fun: Lee incorporates outdoor activities as part of her clients’ routine; not limited to hikes, hills, walks/jogs, at-home 1-2-1 consultations+personal training, improvising with weights found around your home.

Your Goals: Whether your goal is weight loss; strength training, toning or flexibility, you can count on Lee to find the right mix of personalized training to achieve your desired outcome. She’ll monitor your weight ensuring that you keep on track with a healthy lifestyle including: dietary guidelines, proper water intake and more to maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) that’s right for your height, age and frame.

A softy at the core, Lee can appear at times to be a bit of a drill-sergeant. But only on those days when exercise is the last thing on your mind and you may be in need of that extra push (not literally of course!).

Sherry bringing ENERGY + JOY to clients everyday!

Bonus: She’ll share motivational tailored tips to create a positive body and fitness image required for the balance and energy to carry on with your specific routine and day-to-day life pursuits.

Lee is available to conduct specifically tailored presentations for community groups, NGOs and companies based on request.

A consummate professional, Sherry-Ann Lee remains a humble student of life constantly striving for ways to serve the needs of her clients in a way that brings them joie de vivre, vitality and appreciation for Living their absolute Best Life!

For more, you can reach her at (868)-702-4643/354-5025.

Andrea Mckenzie personifies her ART

“Thank You Yahoo Style & Beauty” ❤️ Memories from Curlfest 2017 NYC

ANDREA MCKENZIE’s ethos behind her artistic expression echoes the sentiments of creatives the world over – possibly since time immemorial. Art for her is a way of life and she can’t picture any other way to live.

Above all, she wants to keep growing as she learns more about new cultures and ways to increase the intrinsic allure so more customers can enjoy her work.


“I want my pieces to be a talking point; so when it is hung at a customer’s home or place of business, their family, friends and clients can get lost in the art as a deep-seated sense of peace and wonderment washes over them,” the artist says.



Her journey to making her ART sustainable

She relates to the fact of life some entrepreneurs have shared, that some days it’s either a case of feast or famine. But a true innovator who is passionate about their craft can never ‘starve’ in the real sense. Simply by the merit of their pure intentions, they consistently attract those who value what they offer the world.

Seasons of Life

FAITH and her decision to JUMP

“In her flaws she found a much deeper Truth and it is from them she Bloomed.”

Andrea shares that she maintains her focus through her spirituality, persistence and confidence in her art which allows her to debunk the myth that art is not a sustainable way of life.

Even in the face of being bypassed for a promotion; laid off from her 8-4 in 2013 and adjusting to a new country, she always had the belief that she would be able to make a living from her art.

The artist affirms her love for her native land of Trinidad & Tobago and says there’s no place like home, but she had to do what was best to progress her art.



Portrait Title: Faith


“I had to make that JUMP to spread my wings – even for a while, so my passion could take flight.

I had to do this while still young; so I would never have to suffer the agony of doing a job just to get by, while stifling my growth as a creative person in the process.”




The artist’s first solo show

Upon the encouragement of her father Ian Mckenzie, Andrea hosted her first solo show while coming to terms with losing her (bread + butter) job in 2013.

She was blown away by the response as the artist shares that she’s mainly self-taught and felt other artists had more experience and training.




“After that show, I woke up to the realization that ART is my reason for being.

It is a God-given gift.


I live for ART.

ART is in my DNA.

ART is my past, my present and I can shape and attract my future through my loVe and unique perception and expression of ART.

My grandmother is an artist and my father has been creating Carnival masquerade costumes for decades. I have been painting since the age of 13 and I do have a solid foundation as I studied art as one of my school leaving subjects.

I’m sure there are ways to reach further with my art in Trinidad & Tobago, but from my experience it was gonna take way longer than I had time for, since the market is very small and the competition can be quite fierce and almost abrasive at times.”

Andrea’s dream

“I’ll share my dream out loud which is very close to my heart. That is to have my cherished pieces featured on the set of lauded TV shows and box office movies on the world stage.

I’ll go wherever the Creator and Artist of all Artists takes me: Paris. Brazil…

There’s no limit to what the power of our thoughts can create for us,” she says as her eyes sparkle with an undeniable faith in the unknown.

“Thus far, I’ve commissioned work (sold my art) to customers in various parts of the United States, Sweden, England, Scotland and more.

Nothing in life is ever 100% easy and without hardships.

Pursuing your passion (especially art) full time – the honest way while trying to make a comfortable living, I believe is the road less traveled.

But the freedom I have to create, network, learn, articulate and share my passion for ART is an indescribable feeling beyond words …”

“The mind is everything. You think what you become.”




I still love my island paradise and I do return from time to time, but this is what creating unabashed means to me,” Andrea flashes her winning smile that allows her inner light to shine and radiate through her art that stuns the world.



For art inquiries, you can contact the artist Andrea McKenzie via annieuniqueart@yahoo.com and follow her journey on Instagram @dredredoll and Facebook at Andrea’s Unique Art.