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I am Carolyn Correia. Please join me on my journey to freedom and bliss…

Meet the Author

Thank You for visiting my site! My name is Carolyn Correia and I’m an author, facilitator of workshops and book-related events geared towards living your true life purpose.  

The decision to make this career move came as a result of my work and life experiences from 1997 across different industries in various fields, never settling on ONE definitive area that lit my passion for self-expression until 2013.

So here I am – a marketing/communications and human resource jacket & skirt (sometimes trouser) wearing 8-4 gal for what seemed like an eternity, turned writer, author of 3 books (thus far), event producer, career coach (and if you want to say humorist!).

Take a stroll on the adventurous side and join me along this journey to discovery & bliss. Stick around and hit subscribe to stay tuned for the various E-mail selections I have planned for you, and with you in mind. You’ll even get to download some FREE loot like THIS ONE on Self-Publishing while you wait to unwrap the subscriptions that work best for you and the goals you have for your life.

All my Love,

Carolyn x

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