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I am Carolyn Correia. Please join me on my journey to freedom and bliss…

Meet the Author

Thank You for making this your stop (and hopefully one of your new homes) on the World Wide Web! My name is Carolyn Correia and I’m an author, speaker and career coach. It’s kinda weird to say (aloud) that I’m a coach, but as the really great ones say: some of the best things in life are unplanned. (I guess too that’s why there are 7 billion of us and counting in the world todaysorry bad joke I know).

On a more serious note, my initial customers were calling me a coach way before I took the plunge. My writing & speaking career came into being because I followed that tiny voice inside of me that grew louder and spoke to taking calculated risks and acting on my gut instinct (not on a whim or tingling sensation, but a growing eagerness to take life by the wings & LIVE unabashedly).

Adventurous you say? Well, there’s a great author that once said in his living years (to paraphrase), the things we’d most regret when all is said and done is the stuff we didn’t do. His name was Mark Twain and I close each of my arts & entertainment events (and some workshops) with his quote.

He’s right.

You can always heal and override the silly stuff you did in your youthful indecisive, ignorance and apathy. But to get to the ‘end’ of your life and realize that you didn’t do that ONE ‘great’ thing that could have either been the best mistake or success or adventure of your life, I reckon will eat away at your insides for dear life (much like really strong liquor!) unless you find your catharsis.

Soo here I am! A marketing/communications and human resource jacket & skirt (and sometimes trouser) wearing 8-4 gal (for what seemed like an eternity) turned writer, author (of 3 books and counting), event producer, career coach (and sometimes comedienne, or at least so my friends, family and clients say).

Take a stroll on the adventurous side and join me along my journey to freedom & bliss. Stick around and hit subscribe and stay tuned for the various E-mail selections I have planned for you, and with you in mind. You’ll even get to download some FREE loot while you wait to unwrap the subscriptions and choose the sequencing that works best for you and your goals. Carpe Diem!

All my Love,

Carolyn x

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