My motto rings true: ‘Where creativity surpasses expectations’
I am Carolyn Correia. Please join me on my journey to freedom and bliss…


Hey there! Welcome and thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Carolyn Correia and I am a creative, literary enthusiast. As far back as I can remember, I have always loved expressing myself through the written word.

I also loved to read fiction, non-fiction, psychology and subjects that stimulated my mind with food for thought. Another favourite pastime was listening to my parents entertain us with stories from their life.

As a young child, I often told my Dad that I wanted to change the world in some way, though at the time I didn’t quite know how.

As the ‘lagniappe’ to my parents 5 kids; I often found myself a ‘lone ranger’ with lots of free time to myself, due to the large age gap between my siblings and myself.

As a result, I remember probing the answers to the following existential questions at a certain juncture in my childhood, without really knowing why.

I asked myself repeatedly (and sometimes my father): “Why I am here, who created me, who are all these other people around me, is this all a dream?”

Of course I knew the surface answers to these questions, but it was odd that I sought the answers to these questions at that tender age, which many adults never ask themselves throughout their lifetime.

I seldom had those thoughts again… until many years later sporadically. Many scoffed at the idea of changing the world; then one day it happened…

As I became a published writer; author and now a speaker, I realized that little by little, my childhood dream is happening before my eyes. It still seems surreal. So much so that I feel that I’m trapped in another dimension.

Honestly it was not easy getting into the field I loved. When I finally did, the obstacle was getting paid for my work. When this happened, the challenge was getting paid commensurately for the time, dedication and passion for my craft.

Book Talk & Jazz – Federation Park, Trinidad. Circa October 2016.

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