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I am Carolyn Correia. Please join me on my journey to freedom and bliss…

Who Am I?

Hey there! Welcome and thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Carolyn Correia and I’m a creative, literary enthusiast.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved expressing myself through the written word. This later morphed into book writing and speaking.

Truth be told, none of this was planned but the seeds were planted as a child. I remember probing the answers to the following existential questions without really knowing why.

“Why am I here? Who created me?” This next one may sound a tad strange, but here it comes: “Who are all these other people around me? Is this all a dream?!”

The surface answers were obvious, but I still found the thoughts piercing my consciousness until life became too busy to wrap my mind around the puzzle.

As life went on, I was forced to document my thoughts we were all programmed to suppress. This has led me to YOU.

Like many creatives, it wasn’t easy getting into the field I loved. When I did, I faced the dilemma of many the world over: Getting paid commensurately for the time, dedication and passion we put into our craft.

Then one day something really amazing started to happen while at one of my day jobs …

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