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Thank You for visiting my site! I hope you return often and make it one of your new homes on the web! My name is Carolyn Correia and I’m an author, speaker and career coach. It still feels a bit weird to say (aloud) that I’m a coach, but as the really great ones say: Some of the best things in life are unplanned (with the exception of unplanned births! Bad joke I know, but subconsciously planned is what I really meant).

On a more serious note, my writing takes focus since it was always my first love. The speaking followed naturally as a necessary component of my brand, but not without some to-ing and fro-ing (for obvious reasons most people become intrepidated by public speaking). When I realized I was good at it and it was making other people happy, it became a natural part of me just like writing.

I was better for it too since I formed instantaneous bonds with many people who were able to share the stuff that weighed them down for so long because I opened the door to make them at ease.

The way I see it, you can always heal and override the silly stuff you did in your youthful indecisive, ignorance and apathy. But to get to the ‘end’ of your life and have to come to terms with not doing that ONE ‘great’ thing that could have either been the best mistake, success or adventure of your life, I reckon will eat away at your insides for dear life – unless you find a way to cope – which is what my career coaching modules are all about. 

These Career Coaching modules help you to clear the path by unearthing the stuff in your work and personal history you thought you already dealt with or didn’t need to, so you can get to the next level of your career journey. People often wonder (and sometimes ask) how come certain people seem to have a continuous stroke of luck. It has less to do with luck and more to do with healing your heart to de-clutter your path to progress.

So here I am – a marketing/communications and human resource jacket & skirt (and sometimes trouser) wearing 8-4 gal for what seemed like an eternity, turned writer, author of 3 books (thus far), event producer, career coach (and if you want to say humorist).

Take a stroll on the adventurous side and join me along this journey to discovery & bliss. Stick around and hit subscribe to stay tuned for the various E-mail selections I have planned for you, and with you in mind. You’ll even get to download some FREE loot while you wait to unwrap the subscriptions and choose which ones works best for you and your goals.

All my Love,

Carolyn x

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