“Where creativity surpasses expectations.”
My name is Carolyn Correia. Please join me on my journey to freedom and bliss…

About Me

I wear many hats. I am an author, communications consultant and motivational speaker, but writing is where it all begins.

Writing is not something I produce, it’s something that produces a change in both myself and my readers.

It energizes me and an infinite amount of time would pass by without me getting weary. It is my passion, my first love and my reason for being.

​It is my motivator and healer. It elicits a catharsis, as my ‘pen’ captures what we all think about but seldom discuss.

From this passion everything else follows. It has led to the publication of my first book Thinking out Loud. and later as I evolved, I was inspired to bare all in my second book How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours

As a result of my gift, I was led to a career in Corporate Communications and subsequently Motivational Speaking which emanated from my motivational books.

After 10+ years in Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Freelance Journalism across various industries including Microfinance​, Trade & Industry and the Media in Trinidad, I needed a change.

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